Thanks to the help of NFA '67 alum and former W1HLO member Dave Sumner K1ZZ, W1HLO can finally be a bit more competitive on the air.  Back when W1HLO was on the air in the 1960's, the club had a three-element 10m beam on the roof, turned by an "armstrong" rotator (see History).  W1HLO has not been equipped with an HF beam for around 50 years until now.  Thanks to a donation from a local silent key's estate, a Mosley MP-33 three-element tribander with a rotator was given to W1HLO.  Emil Pocock W3EP donated 75 feet of RG-8 for the feedline.  K1ZZ supplied the mast, U-bolts, an extra set of hands and the technical know-how.

With our HF beam we can now hear better and be heard!  Our Ameritron AL-80B also helps our signal get out a little farther as well and is a good combination with our new antenna.  Fortunately, we did not have to put a hole in the roof for turning the mast by hand as the club did in the old days.  Thank you K1ZZ and W3EP and we'll be beaming to you soon!