W1HLO will be launching its high altitude balloon (HAB) on May 31, 2019 at 4:30pm EDT providing there's good weather.  The HAB is equipped with an APRS radio that will transmit its GPS coordinates, altitude, and temperature at 2 minute intervals on 144.390MHz so that the APRS gateways can pick it up.  You should be able to track the HAB online at aprs.fi by searching for the HAB's callsign, W1HLO-1.  The HAB will also be broadcasting live video using analog amateur television (ATV) centered on 441MHz (analog cable channel 60).  We will simultaneously broadcast the video (for as long as we can receive it!) on our YouTube channel.

Also on May 31, we will have a live ATV broadcast from our ham shack on 435Mhz (analog cable channel 59) from 5:30pm EDT to 6:30pm EDT.  The students have produced a few shows, both live and recorded, and will be broadcasting them.  We will also simultaneously broadcast the received video feed (using one of our homebrew yagi antennas) on our YouTube channel.

Our launch and broadcast are the culmination of a few school-year-long projects.  Our students have been learning about APRS, HABs, ATV, building antennas, and antenna theory.  They are looking forward to showcasing their hard work on the air!